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Irvine, Calif. – Bastien and Associates, Inc. Architecture and Planning, the firm that is making its mark on Hollywood by designing nearly all of the new studios and sound stages in the Los Angeles area, is announcing plans to impact the global business of architecture on the Internet as well.

The firm, whose web address is www.bastienarchitects.com, already has an international presence from its entertainment work. However, it seeks to enhance its visibility worldwide by incorporating Alta Vista Translation technology from Compaq into its website. This feature will allow users in most areas of the world the ability to learn about the company’s professional design services in their own languages. Currently supported by Alta Vista are German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portugese translations.

Kevin Harper, who heads the online efforts of the firm, says that Bastien’s vision is to allow the “small firm” business model (although Bastien’s clients, projects and acheivements are by no means small) to thrive in the global economy. “Technology provides an incredible tool to make the world a smaller place. But since the Internet communicates primarily with words, the language barrier has to be eliminated to really bridge the continents. Alta Vista has taken great steps to accomplish that.”

Gary Bastien, AIA, president of Bastien and Associates, Inc., sees Europe as a great place to market the firm’s services. Bastien has designed two major studio projects there in the last year and looks forward to many more. “The entertainment boom is a worldwide phenomenon. Pick up The Wall Street Journal, Daily Variety or USA Today–they are all talking about it.”

Mr. Bastien says he has every intention of following the entertainment building spree around the world. “Modernizing broadcast facilities is next” he says. “With the world moving to Hi Definition Television (HDTV), the industry has a lot of work to do to bring 30 or 40 year old facilities into the new millenium.”

Bastien’s firm is most know to Hollywood for its landmark studio designs. He designed Manhattan Beach Studios, the first new studio in the Los Angeles area in sixty years. “The Practice” and “Ally McBeal” are currently filmed in Phase I, with Phase II now being built. Construction is also underway on the first studio in downtown Los Angeles, called Los Angeles Center Studios. Developed by Smith, Hrisik & Munselle, the studio is scheduled for completion in July of 1999.