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Bastien’s ‘Haunting’ Office

The offices of Bastien and Associates, Inc. are truly remarkable. Set in a normal-looking Tustin business park across from the wide open fields of the former Tustin Marine Helecopter Base, the view from the lobby includes one of the grand, historical hangars on the base. But step inside, and visitors are overwhelmed by the magic of Hollywood’s set-making skills exhibited in this adaptation of DreamWorks SKG’s actual set of “The Haunting.”

Bastien’s office interior is actually constructed of the real set-pieces from the DreamWorks SKG movie “The Haunting.” Gary Bastien, AIA, whose architectural firm Bastien and Associates, Inc. specializes in entertainment industry design, purchased the set pieces from DreamWorks after seeing them inside the film studio he designed, Manhattan Beach Studios (now called Raleigh Studios, Manhattan Beach).


OC Register

Business Monday: “Offices With Attitude…The Wow Factor”

“But then, to the left, comes a hint that this may not be your average workplace: two 14-foot tall Egyptian statues stand like sentries against the wall.”
“If it seems like you’ve suddenly stepped into the hallway of “The Haunting” (DreamWorks SKG), you’re right.”
“‘We watch people come in and their jaws drop open,’ says Bastien.”


OC Business Journal

“Architect’s New Office is ‘Haunting'” “The Bastien and Associates office has the look and feel of a 500-year old European castle, complete with high gothic ceilings, huge columns, large wooden doors, and mood lighting.” “Bastien first saw the set while walking around Manhattan Beach Studios, which his architectural firm, Bastien and Associates, Inc., designed. About 40% of Bastien’s work is designing film studios…” “‘The set has been like a magnet. People walk in here and don’t want to leave,’ Bastien said.”