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Entertainment: Film, TV & Broadcast Facilities, Theaters, Sports Venues

Film Schools (more)

Film education is a growing need to support the varied and growing film production centers around the world. Educating above- and below-the -line people is a key responsibility of any region which hopes to experience growth in film production. Bastien’s film school experience includes helping the Chapman University School of Film and Television, plus other projects with educational components like Ciudad de la Luz in Spain.

Studios and sound stages

Film, TV and broadcast studios and other entertainment projects make up an important part of our work. Having an intimate understanding of the entertainment business and its day-to-day operations allows us to provide valuable input to executives of network and independent studios and real estate investors. Our daily contact with Hollywood studios gives our staff a working knowledge of the needs of the industry that helps us creatively define and solve problems for each client.

All Bastien-designed stages are booked solid with TV shows and features because of our proven experience to formulate desirable studio masterplans and create functional relationships between sound stages and production support facilities. During the design process, we provide all necessary planning and construction documents to obtain approvals from cities, coordinating our efforts with all team members.

Digital broadcasting

Whether or not the increased bandwidth will be used for more channels, more content, or both, digital broadcasting is no longer a far-off eventuality, but a reality. The equipment involved and the organization of that equipment creates different space requirements, and thus differently configured architecture. We are proactively working with those in the broadcasting field to upgrade facilities or design fresh projects on new sites. More than one broadcaster is taking the opportunity of this technology shift to build and relocate to new facilities that best meet the demands of their market for the next century. We are currently involved with companies around the world in this capacity.

Sports facilities and live entertainment venues

Planning for collegiate and professional sports facilities and other live entertainment venues is highly specialized and requires the ability to work within complex groups and political circumstances. Bastien can work with any team member at any stage of the design or planning process to help obtain investor and public approval, secure entitlements, produce working drawings, etc.