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Irvine, Calif. – Architect Gary L. Bastien, AIA will bring his film industry design experience to the educational arena by sitting on the advisory board of Chapman University’s School of Film and Television. Bastien will advise the university on planning-related matters along with a cast of Hollywood professionals such as actress/producer Merideth MacRae, and Cecilia Presley of the Cecil B. DeMille Foundation and the Motion Picture Association Ltd. The appointment comes as a result of Bastien’s extensive involvement in the growth of the entertainment industry.

Bastien and Associates, Inc. Architecture and Planning has begun master planning for what Chapman University is calling “Next Generation Studios,” a working on-campus studio accessible to students at the film school for real-world experience. Educators and professionals see the concept as a revolutionary response to the growing need for an experienced entertainment workforce. As covered by the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Variety, and other major publications, the industry has been jolted by growing demand for sound stages as film, television, cable and video productions skyrocket despite financial uncertainties in Asia.

Bastien’s entertainment-industry accomplishments have led the firm all over the world to design entertainment facilities from Arizona to London and Greece. Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studios, the first new California studio campus in 60 years and home to Fox’s “Ally McBeal” and “The Practice,” is now involved in the construction of Phase II, and Los Angeles Center Studios, the first studio campus in downtown Los Angeles, is currently under construction.

“It’s an honor to be considered valuable to the educational community,” Bastien says. “This is a forward-thinking move by Chapman University to attract and train serious film students. I think we will see more on-campus studios, but it will take most film schools some time to catch up.”