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High Tech Projects


Bastien and Associates, Inc. is highly qualified and comfortable designing for any technology setting. We understand the needs of fast-paced information technology companies and their need for economy, efficiency, and creative problem solving. We can handle complex networking issues, and can proactively work to create space that works best for each application.


Key technology related projects

CBS Broadcast Booth for the Democratic National Convention, Staples Center

Center for Digital Innovation, Tustin, California

El Segundo Multimedia Center

Media Corporation of Singapore Digital Broadcasting Complex

Tribune Broadcasting, broadcasting, datacasting and uplink facility, Manhattan Beach

Vision Studio City, high tech Vision 2020 plan, Malaysia


Digital broadcasting

Digital broadcasting is no longer a far-off eventuality, but a reality. We are proactively working with many in the broadcasting field to plan for facilities that need to be upgraded significantly or designed fresh on a new site. More than one broadcaster is taking the opportunity of this technology shift to build and relocate to new facilities that best meet the demands of their market for the next century. We are currently involved with companies around the world in this capacity.