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Programming: Architecture, Planning, and Consulting services

Bastien and Associates, Inc. is a full service design firm practicing in the global marketplace. Our committment is that we will listen to problems, use technology to its full potential, and work closely with our clients to develop and propose architectural solutions that work–both functionally and economically.

Every project is entirely unique. For that reason, we encourage you to talk to us about your specific needs, and let us find a way to help you meet them.


Careful architectural programming is a critical step for owners to get a clear picture of the space needed for a planned facility. A good program analysis can provide a basis for estimating construction costs and developing a masterplan for a faciliy. An architectural program also provides an important verification of preliminary assumptions about projected space planning needs and allows critical interdisciplinary involvement in the planning process. RFQ


Other services:



Conceptual design

Design feasibility

Space planning

Design development

Architectural production

Construction documents/CAD

Cost analysis

Contract administration


Site selection



Zoning consultation

Specifications/cost estimation

Professional corporate member of ICBO

(International Conference of Building Officials)

Proposal and contract preparations

Project budget analysis

Material, equipment, and methods

Bid consultation

Construction cost analysis

Interior Design

Interior planning and design

Space utilization planning

Furnishings selection

Material selection