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Q: How can I contact Insul-Quilt?

A: We frequently specify the product, but do not manufacture or sell it. Please go to their web link below or contact Insul-Quilts at (833) 853-6444 for information from the manufacturer.


Q: How do I use Insul-Quilt to improve acoustic performance in my sound stage or studio environment?

A: Bastien and Associates, Inc. specializes in designing studios and sound stages, and we have chosen to specify Insul-Quilt on our projects because of its high acoustic performance. We have received no compensation from Insul-Quilt whatsoever. The product helps us design our facilities to meet the high standards of the film industry in Southern California and around the world. We do emphasize that sound absorption and resonance control is not simply a matter of applying a product to the wall surface, however. Proper detailing of wall sections, roof sections, and structural connections, combined with proper attachment of the Insul-Quilt product, is what makes Bastien-designed stages superior to non purpose-built facilities.

Q: What major studios use Insul-Quilt?

A: All Bastien-designed stages use Insul-Quilt.

  • Los Angeles Center Studios – This is the first studio campus in downtown Los Angeles. Despite its close proximity to the 110 Freeway and the flight path of traffic helecopters, we designed the sound stages successful for a NC-17 (Noise Coefficient = 17) rating. The facilities are very popular and are usually book solid.
  • Manhattan Beach Studios – This is the first Southern California studio campus built from the ground up in over 60 years. These stages are also rated NC-17 and are a very popular filming location. David Kelly’s “Ally McBeal” and “The Practice” were both filmed in MBS.
  • CBS Studio Center – Bastien’s tilt-up design for three new stages at the Radford lot led to a revolution in sound stage design. These stages use Insul-Quilt, and have been home to many popular shows, such as Caroline in the City, Cosby, Buddy Faro, Desperate Measures, and many more.
  • And many others, including Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Sony Pictures Studio, etc.